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ScubaTrak Neptune: What's It All About?"

What We Created --

  • ScubaTrak Neptune is the most complete diver information system, and is the "king-size" version of our original ScubaTrak.  Our intension with ScubaTrak Neptune is to offer you a powerful, organized, and comprehensive tool that can grow with your diving experiences, necessities, and skills.  We've included more than just a way to record your dive log information.  In ScubaTrak Neptune you'll find safety tools, trip planning assistants, and some other fun stuff too.

Why We Created It --

  • To offer you something more useful than paper dive logs to record the important statistics of your dive and to give you a resource for future reference, as well as way to recall all the great memories of your diving experiences.

When Did We Create It --

  • Development began in 2000 and has been pretty constant ever since, as we add new features and functionality based on ideas and suggestions from our dive buddies.

Where Was It Developed --

  • Most of ScubaTrak was born on dive boats, with input from and testing by hundreds of divers just like you.

How Was It Developed --

  • It was written in an application called PowerBuilder and which is a powerful database engine and allows ScubaTrak to do many things very well for many different types of divers.

Who Is It For --

  • Any diver, from beginners to seasoned technical divers, vacation divers to avid sport divers.  If you dive...and if you keep a record of your individual dive statistics or take dive pictures or want to share dive trip information with other divers or enjoy keeping track of the different varieties of sea life you encounter or any number of other pre or post dive activities...then ScubaTrak is for you.  Even if you have not been very consistent about recording your dives in the past and would like to do a better job of it in the future, ScubaTrak is a great place to start.  We'd love to hear about how you use ScubaTrak. 

Try a free trial version of ScubaTrak Neptune and put it to the test.

Please email us at with your comments and suggestions for future versions.