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Many divers don't use the same dive computer for their entire diving career. What happens to your dive data if you switch from one manufacturer to another or upgrade your current dive computer to the next model? What happens if you dive with a different dive computer depending on the type of dives you are making or whether you're vacationing or home? Use ScubaLink to interface with your dive computer. ScubaTrak is the only system that can import, store, and analyze your dive data regardless of the number or model of dive computers you use. There is no need to enter your dive computer information manually with ScubaLink!

SensusPro Dive Tracker from ReefNet is supported by the SensusPro interface which is delivered with ScubaTrak. The SensusPro Dive Tracker unit is available from ReefNet or AquaAddicts.

These are add-on modules, purchased separately, to enable you to directly read data from your dive computer into a Dive Detail screen.

Cochran UnderseaTechnologies Inc. Interface allows the diver to download the dive computer data, then read the data and transfer it into ScubaTrak. In just four simple and efficient steps, you can quickly create the Dive Detail records for each dive on the dive computer. This interface supports both the Cochran Gemini and Commander and all three levels of Analyst software.

DAN DL7 Interface reads the data that has been downloaded from other dive computers, such as Uwatec, Suunto, and DiveRite, using the manufacturer's software to create a file in the DAN DL7 format and storing it onto the diver's personal computer. Then ScubaLink transfers that data into ScubaTrak to create the Dive Detail records for each dive on the dive computer. Proceeds from this interface go directly to DAN to help support diver research and rescue efforts.

We'll be adding new ScubaLinks soon.
Watch for the news on this page or talk to your Referrer
to learn which dive computers will have a new ScubaLink Interface.